Why Every Organization requires a Bug Bounty Program

Every Organization Must have a security policy & Program

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The threat to businesses from Cybercrime & Data breaches has never been greater and we see headlines almost every week pertaining to a breach of a company’s network or website. As Cisco Chairman John Chambers commented ‘There are two types of company, those who have been hacked and those who don’t know they have been hacked.

News relating to cyber attacks are rampant and Privacy protection is center of attention to all users admist a world which is transforming where “Data is pure gold”.

You can’t do anything about hackers or companies with inadequate or misconfigured security. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the likelihood of malicious hackers gaining access to your digital assets, accounts, and minimize the impact if they do. Bug Bounty is an effective way to address security concerns of the organization.

The best way to evade the losses to keep your infrastructure safe and find and fix vulnerabilities before bad guys find and exploit it. Responsible Disclosure / Bug Bounty programs are best White hat solution to this program, as it doesn’t only display that as a company you are cautious about user’s data, but you are also upgraded and well equipped to find and solve issues.

This is what a bug bounty program is about: Ethical hackers help businesses detect vulnerabilities before the bad guys beat them to it. In other words, running a bug bounty program is getting ahead of the game by being proactive and predictive. A bug bounty is an alternative way to detect software and configuration errors that can slip past developers and security teams, and later lead to big problems.

Unlike traditional penetration testing services that generate a culture of fear and meeting compliance requirements, bug bounties are about creating a culture of openness, transparency, and responsibility. Even if your company doesn’t offer bug bounties, you need to establish a vulnerability disclosure policy as soon as possible.

Walking through the process?

Spending little time and resources on these programs can help you save from tremendous future hassles and breaches.

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